About Mountain Man Game Calls

Mountain Man Game Calls & Hunting Supplies goes back many years to when Robert Hines was just a boy with an infatuation for hunting and the great outdoors. Hines’ passion for hunting and craftsmanship led him to begin testing the waters in game call manufacturing over 40 years ago. He started meticulously designing and building the perfect calls until he was without a doubt that they would call in the most stubborn of any game species. Starting with turkey calls, then on to duck calls, goose calls and buck calls, Hines made sure each species’ call was perfected to outperform any other calls on the market.

40 Years later, Robert Hines decided it was time to showcase his beautifully crafted game calls to the world of hunters so they may too reap the benefits of using his calls. 2012 marks the inaugural year for Mountain Man Game Calls. We are now producing large quantities of Hines’ perfectly designed calls so that the hunting industry may take advantage of the years of testing that have gone into each and every one of our calls. Look for Mountain Man calls in a hunting store near you or purchase for yourself right here on our website. You won’t go wrong with any of our calls and we can assure you that they are comprised of only the best quality in craftsmanship and quality.

Meet Robert Hines

Robert Hines

Hello! My name is Robert Hines. Hunting, fishing and trapping have been my passion all my life. Currently my main passion is turkey and water fowl hunting. For years I have designed and crafted game calls by hand, so I decided it was time to share my love for hunting and crafting the best calls I've ever used with other hunters. The single most important goal we have at Mountain Man Game Calls is to produce nothing but the absolute best quality in game calls. All our calls have been tested over many years to prove they are the best.